Student Feedback

What Our Students Say.

I just wanted to offer my thanks for your kindness and hospitality while we attended your training courses. Both my wife and I found you and your team to be an inspiration.

We have nothing but the highest regard for you all and are extremely grateful for the help and opportunities you have given us. We have taken some very warm and happy memories home with us and will always think fondly of our time with you.

I am practicing the K.V. massage so Odel goes to work walking on air and comes home to a tension easing head massage, needless to say the quality of both our daily lives have improved. Kind Regards Odel & Aiden Kelly ( Ireland ) April 2009

Thank you very much ! I have to say : the oil experience has been wonderful. First time for me, and I have discovered there something strong and subtle in the same time, and very sensual as well. The result worked on my mood and on my hairs, how beauty ! I have been really pleased and touched to meet you all. My warm regards to every one. Ruthélie ( France ) OCT 2008

Thank you so much for the champissage course at the week-end. In spite of difficult circumstances on the last day you were able to give us all individual care and attention and we had the added privilege of being welcomed into your own home. I have taken many courses and I think this one was one of the best managed and taught that I have attended. It was lovely to meet you both, and Moses too who was very helpful on the phone before I arrived. I am really looking forward to working on my “guinea persons”. Very best wishes – Pam (UK) (April 2008)

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks after attending the course this past weekend. It was a privilege to learn from the Master and I feel really special to have experienced, not only the entire course, but the final demonstration at the hands of none other than Narendra himself.

Thank you for your great hospitality in making everyone feel at home, and providing all of us with Kundan’s lovely Chai tea, and letting us enjoy your instruction in such a warm and friendly setting. What a great bunch of people attended the course! Such a great experience all round, with the added bonus of chakra balancing, which I found really beautiful.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon when I attend the Vatki Foot Massage on 10th May.

I really enjoyed the Champissage class last week at IDI, New York City, and wanted to thank you for making it such a wonderful experience. You are excellent tutors and a lovely couple and it was a pleasure meeting you both. I look forward to seeing you again in New York and certainly, next time I’m in London. Wishing you all the best… Warm regards. – Aline “Twiggy”

May I say how much I enjoyed the training course last weekend? Having been disappointed with other courses, I was very impressed with the attention you gave to the appropriate techniques. It makes such a difference to know that you’re doing it correctly. Not everyone takes this amount of time and trouble. Well done and thanks! – Kathleen

I want to thank you all for the excellent teaching you gave us in the wonderful and ancient art of Champissage. I truly enjoyed the course. You worked us hard but it’s the best way and you were ever watchful over each one of us. Your idea of sharing vegetarian food at lunchtime is just lovely. Sharing food is a wonderful way of bringing people together. – Penny

Thank you all so much for a lovely course. It was really well taught ­ a great three days in good company! – June

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed taking the Indian Champissage course at the International Dermal Institute. It was so educational and I will do my best to put your excellent training to good use in the hope of offering the massage’s many therapeutic benefits to others. – Liza

The course was absolutely wonderful! I appreciate your attention and general thoroughness. – Pat

I want to say a big ‘thank you’ for the amazing course. Not only did I learn so much, I really enjoyed myself, too! I really hope this type of massage will become a way of life in the future. – Mary

Your course is well structured, with the emphasis on the practical. This helped me to remember the techniques and the sequence. I am enjoying practising on my guinea persons and they in return love it. – Jim

Thank you for such a lovely weekend. It has helped me to let go and I’ve had some powerful dreams. I trust I will use this skill to help others. – Rachel

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how thankful I was to be able to attend your Champissage workshop in Boston last month. I liked the way you presented the material and worked with each individual, showing us the correct way to perform this type of massage. You were very organized and kept us on track all three days.

This past Tuesday was the first time I was able to offer Champissage to the public. My children attend a semi-private high school and I offer chair massage and now Champissage every so often to the faculty at the school. I had many question and sold a few Champissages, I am going back this Tuesday and am excited to reach a few more people.

Thank you again, and my God watch over you as you travel around. – Martha Blaser LMT Bee Massaged

Hello !! Bonjour!

Thank you again for all the great time I spent with you in London this weekend. The class was very interesting and the massage is really special. Something happened during my stay with you and this has changed my view of special things in my life! It will take too long to explain but it is really positive. I wanted to share it with you. People around me love the massage. It has a really special effect. Thank you again for your special touch Narendra.

With all my love, Chantelle

I just want to say ‘thanks’ for the three course days. They’ve been such a wonderful experience for me! I’ve come back like renewed in spirit and body….it’s really a strange, light sensation. It’s a positive reaction and a widening of my spirit, as everything is clearer.

This is about what I would like to do or who I really am! I’ve spent the last 7 years of my working life only thinking of the interests of the people around me without thinking about what I really want for myself. It’s only in these last two months I’ve realized…I NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING. The Head Massage course was really one of my priorities.

I do not know if it’s a matter of energies, of meeting new people and new souls but I’ve just returned to Italy and I do not feel stressed! I’m also changing jobs right now so it’s been a nightmare of a month…..many persons looking for me. Today I’ve said no to many of them. Now I’m making the right job choice that can also leave me more free time to study for the examination or doing things I could not do before…

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, with love – Sofia

I’ve attended your course 11-13 November and I’ve learned so much from you. I was nervous not knowing whether it was something I would grasp. Kundan’s humour made me feel so at ease and each day I was looking forward for the next. Thank you for all your help, patience and kindness.

– Djamila Zaid (UK)

Thank you so much for the most amazing 3 days.

It was a wonderful experience for me.

I can’t wait to get my hands on my daughter and son today to practice.

Thank you all for your love and kindness

– Joannax

Thank you so much for the wonderful Indian Champissage Course, it is a fantastic treatment to be able to offer people and the course is very professionally run.

My long-term dreams include writing and research in health and spiritual matters and I hope to be able to promote this wonderful therapy to a wider audience.

With love and best wishes,

– Alison Pollock

A big thank you to Narendra and Kundan for spending this time with us, teaching us this awesome technique, and being fun and thorough experts

International Dermal Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany