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‘Mr. Narendra Mehta, Guru of the British Indian head massage Movement’ –Your Healthcare, Nov. 1996

‘Indian head massage is guaranteed to lift you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday stress’ –Harpers, Dec. 1989

‘He also works on the body’s energy centres, the chakras, to rebalance the body’s energy, so helping to promote physical and psychological well-being’ – Elle, April 1990

‘The techniques are an invaluable treatment for the stress linked troubles of modern life’ – Gibralter Chronicle, March 1990

‘Indian head massage under the expert hands of Narendra Mehta is an experience not to be missed’ – The Entertainer, March 1993

‘A regular dose of head massage can help cement a relationship’ – Daily Mail, March 1995

‘Indian head massage performed by an expert is fantastic. It seems to lift weight, worries and stress, leaving you feeling free and exhilarated’ – Here’s Health, October 1999

‘Forget the gin and tonic, giving your partner an Indian head massage – or Champissage – is the most sensual way to ease the tensions of a stressful day and is guaranteed to bring you closer as a couple’ – Daily Mail, August 1999

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