Kansa Wand Face Massage

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 Kansa Wand Face Massage

Kansa Wand Face Massage

Ayur-Senses – Kansa Wand Facelift 1Day* 2 Days*

All training courses are accredited by Complementary Medical Association of UK (CMA) and continuing professional development points (CPD) points will be awarded.

*Duration 1 day (If you have already completed 2 days Ayur Facelift Massage)
Training Cost: £195.00

*Duration: 2 days (If you have NOT taken our 2 days Ayur Facelift Massage)
Training Cost: £ 275.00

The aim of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive grounding in the practical application of the Ayurvedic and Kansa Wand Facelift Massage (Kansa Mukha Abhyanga).

HIGHLIGHTS: This incredible training is exclusively in the UK at our center OR with our accredited trainers and also at locations internationally.

 This course is provided under the expert guidance:

  • You will receive one FREE Kansa Wand with the course
  • Full comprehensive training manual
  • Facial marma massage sequence
  • Self – Facial marma massage sequence
  • Kansa Wand facial massage sequence
  • Self –Facial Kansa Wand massage sequence.
  • This course with Wand is kept very simple and traditional. Not thing fancy or expensive packages or presentations.
  • We keep it simple and affordable and give you the Real stuff – Real simple.
  • So, you can learn easy and pass these traditional benefits and use it for your own wellbeing too. That’s how it should be – if you believe it, you are in the right place.

On successful completion of the one day/ two-day training, students will be able to use the techniques as a principal or subsidiary part of their practice.

This course is ideal for experienced therapists and beginners alike. CMA CPD points will be awarded.

Diploma can be received if you appear for exam by completing 3 case studies and pass the theory and practical. This is highly recommended to all the students.

SPECIAL OFFER – Receive 10% OFF on the KV Foot Massage course when booked with this course.

These techniques have been developed to make this a unique massage therapy by integrating the Ayur Face Lifting techniques by incorporating Kansa Wand with working on third eye chakra and facial marmas (Vital Points) and marma massage with the use of nourishing oils to work on facial muscles and the neck.

Benefits of this massage: This is a very effective therapy to achieve both healthy and youthful skin. When received this as a therapy one may expect to some of these benefits and not limited to other benefits which may not be in this list.

This type of Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Massage promotes rejuvenation to the skin.

  • Relaxes the facial muscles and encourages blood and lymph circulation.
  • Brightens the face, and reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eye
  • Highly improves the natural metabolism to tissues.
  • Naturally helps to improve skin tone, texture and the overall condition.
  • Your skin will look and feel healthy and glowing.

Other benefits may also include:

  • Insomnia/disturbed sleep/sleeping disorders
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure/hyper tension
  • Tinnitus
  • TMJ syndrome
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • IBS

This amazing face massage can be used as part of an anti-ageing treatment and also it can be easily adapted into the Full Body Massage routine

Course Content

  • Basics of Ayurveda
  • History of Kansa and its benefits
  • Why face massage and its benefits?
  • Contraindications & Precautions
  • Anatomy and physiology of the face
  • Different type of ayurvedic oils and their benefits
  • Basics of ayurvedic consultation (finding the Dosha’s)
  • Facial marmas and their benefits
  • Facial marma massage sequence
  • Self – Facial marma massage sequence
  • Kansa Wand facial massage sequence
  • Self –Facial Kansa Wand massage sequence
  • Relaxation sequence and finishing procedures
  • Basics of Tri-dosha diet and lifestyle

 Note: Course structure can be changed if there are not enough participants on the course. Should you wish to find out more please call us one week prior to the course.


Champissage International will attendance certificate in Ayur-Senses Kansa Wand Facelift Massage. This Course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and qualifies for 7/14 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development).

 Professional insurance

Upon completion of the course you may choose to complete the case studies and sit an exam and being successful you will be able to get the insurance to practice professionally

L.C.I.C. Register – Once qualified, you can subscribe to the L.C.I.C. Register. It is distributed to all those looking for qualified therapists, and will appear on the L.C.I.C. Website.

Arrange Special Dates – One to One

We understand that not all the dates listed are suitable for some students who may be travelling or trying to work around their busy work and family schedules. So, we offer one to one dates and this offers an opportunity to have the whole time with the tutors and working with them one on one at a cost of £50 per day extra. If the course is more than two days the cost will still be £100.  Please email us to arrange.


You may request to cancel the course and get refund (this will be deducting the administration fee of £25) for the payment made towards the course ONLY if a minimum of 10 working days’ notice is (Weekends excluded) is given.   If less than this period of notice if given, only half of the fee will be refunded.  Postpone can be made 7 working days before the actual course date and it will incur a small £10.00 administration fee.   Postpone can only be made for/within one year from the original date booked.

In the event the center has to cancel, before then center will try all it can to ensure the training will go ahead at the scheduled date. Still if it is not possible then the training will be cancelled due  to circumstances which may not be under the control and center does reserve all the rights to cancel within 48hrs of short notice the full refund will be provided or to postpone the course option will be given.