About our Head Massage Training Course

What is Indian Champissage?
What are the benefits of this therapy?
How does Indian Champissage differ from other therapies?
How long is the training course?
What are the facilities at the London Centre of Indian Champissage International?
Do I get a Diploma after the course?
How long will it take me to obtain the Diploma?
Do I have to sit the Diploma exam?
When will I be ready to take the exam?
Do I need any massage experience before I begin my studies?
Are there any entry qualifications?
What letters may I use after my name once I receive my Diploma?
Can I work abroad once I qualify?
How much can I charge for a head massage?
Is there any reasonably priced accommodation near the LCICI?
Do I stay in contact with the LCICI after completing the course?
Does the LCICI coach me for the exam?
Is it possible to have personal tuition from one of the LCICI teachers once the course is over?
Does the LCICI run evening classes?
Does the LCICI run training courses at other locations?
Are courses held in other locations identical to the courses taught at the London Centre?
Do I need to bring a model for the training course?
Do I need to bring a model for the practical exam?
How do I get to the London Centre of Indian Champissage International?
How many students will be studying with me?
What’s the difference between a one-day workshop and a three-day course?
How far in advance do I need to book a place on a course?
What are the ways I can pay?
Do I need to pay for anything else?
Is the LCICI affiliated to any organisations?
Will I be able to get insurance once I finish the three-day training?
Will I be able to be insured as a student while I carry out my Case Studies?
Do you provide career guidance once I have completed the training and obtained the Diploma?
Do I need any Anatomy or Physiology qualifications before I commence studies at the LCICI?
Must I bring some food to share?
Must I participate in the shared lunches each day?
What kind of clothes do I wear when I’m studying at the Centre?
Should I wash my hair before coming to the course?
Do I need a notebook?
I’m a qualified complimentary therapist. Could Indian Champissage training help me in my work?

About the Exam for Indian Champissage Diploma

How long is the exam?
What happens during the exam day?
What are the pass marks and the pass rate?
How long after taking the exam will I be notified of my results?
How long prior to the exam do I need to send or deliver my written work?
Are there any tutors accredited by the LCICI who teach outside London and overseas?