2 Day Training Course

Training In London

 Indian Champissage

Indian Champissage

2-day training course.
£240.00; (Price includes Course Manual)
1 day Exam £60.00

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Timing: 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. each day

Please wear or bring a T-SHIRT

Course Structure
History of Champissage™ Unit I
Practical – Massage of the shoulders
Unit II
Practical – Massage of the upper arms
Revision of Units I & II

Benefits & Contraindications
Unit III
Practical – Massage of the neck
Revision of Units I, II and III

Unit IV
Practical – Massage of the head

Revision of Units I – IV

Introduction of Chakra energy
Unit V
Practical – Massage of the face, ears & energy balancing techniques

Stress Management
Anatomy and discussion of exam format

Final revision of Units I – V

Distribution of Attendance Certificates


15-20 hours of practice is required before beginning Case studies


5 case studies, giving 5 treatments each


Presentation of case studies

Practical examination 30 min demonstrated on the examiner

Written examination (60 minutes) based on course material and book (Indian Head Massage by Narendra Mehta) and (50 multiple choice questions)

In order to qualify, you will need to complete the case studies and pass practical and written examination

L.C.I.C. Register – Once qualified, you can subscribe to the L.C.I.C. Register. It is distributed to all those looking for qualified therapists, and will appear on the L.C.I.C. Website.

Arrange Special Dates – One to One

We understand that not all the dates listed are suitable for some students who may be travelling or trying to work around their busy work and family schedules. So, we offer one to one dates and this offers an opportunity to have the whole time with the tutors and working with them one on one at a cost of £50 per day extra. If the course is more than two days the cost will still be £100.
Please email to arrange.



Please note that unless one week’s notice of cancellation or postponement is received, the fee will not be returned. Any Postponement or Cancellation will incur a £25.00 administration fee.